Photos Illustrate Pirsig's "Zen Art Motorcycle Maintenance" 
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Highlight for Album: Album 360 Degree Panoramas for Book "Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".
Album 360 Degree Panoramas for Book "Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".
ZMM Pans Disc =Each of the Very Wide Photos in this "Album of Panoramas", has been made by "stitching" together (typically) eight different photos. As you are looking at these panoramas, you will be "scrolling", (left to right) through each of the 8 original pictures, in 360 degrees of rotation. The full width of these panoramas is about seven feet!! Suggestion for Beginners: Place your "mouse pointer" on the photos in this album (any photo in this Gallery) and if it "shows a hand", then a "mouse click" will give you will (most of the time) get a much larger view. Typically you will have to twice in succession "click-the-photo", to get the largest and best view. At this magnification, the panorama photos you are viewing are about 7 feet wide, so the view is quite dramatic!! Second Suggestion for Beginners: When you have the largest view of a panorama, you must use the "slide bars" at right side (or bottom) of the photo to view the whole picture. First use the right hand slider to adjust the picture up-down to see both land and sky. (You may have to "mouse drag" the top if the window way to the top, and drag the bottom as far as possible down. Ditto for the right and left sides of your screen window.) Then use the bottom "slide bar" to scan the whole photo, left to right. The caption of each panorama will (usually) indicate the direction of the ZMM Route and the direction of Geographic North. Third Suggestion for Beginners: Be sure to note the "Homepage” at the lower right of this (and every) Gallery page. A mouse "click on it", will take you to Menu Items (near top) that will take you to detailed information about all my Gallery Photos and how to view them. CAUTION: The Full size of these panoramas can not be viewed in slide show.

Please take the time to enjoy these truly unique viewing experiences! Panorama Credit: Many thanks to John Westbrook Jr. and his trusty G4 Macintosh + AdobePhotoShop, for such care and precision in preparing these art-full panoramas!

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Highlight for Album: All 4 Parts: What Chris and the Narrator Might Have Seen Along the Travel Route of Book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZMM). Here you will find my ZMM Resesrch Photos showing each Travel Scene of the ZMM Narrative. Practically an Illustrated ZMM Book!
All 4 Parts: What Chris and the Narrator Might Have Seen Along the Travel Route
of Book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZMM). Here you will
find my ZMM Resesrch Photos showing each Travel Scene of the ZMM Narrative.
Practically an Illustrated ZMM Book!
Each photograph, in these Four Albums, was taken along the route of the book Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and was especially sought to show the specific travel passage of ZMM, shown below that photo. These albums are Practically a Photo-Book for Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. By viewing these photos you will re-live what the Narrator and Chris saw as they traveled those highways so well described in ZMM. They started their trip in Minneapolis, on a Monday soon after 4th of July 1968, and reached San Francisco 17 days later. In words and photographic views, you will relive this fantastic trip!! No ZMM travel passage has been left out.

Explanation: As a research project in Summer 2002, I traveled these same roads and attempted to find (and photograph) the actual physical places described on each page, by the Narrator. My own "ZMM Trip" started at the University of Chicago 9 June 2002. I arrived in Minneapolis late on the same day. I arrived at the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge mid afternoon 8 July 2002, 30 days later. I took a total of 1901 photographs,and on follow-up research trip, Summer 2007, I took an additional ~800 photos. Of these ~915 photos have been selected to be shown in these four albums herein. After you click on the photo (at right) to enter this album, you will see four sub-albums which have my photos for respectively Parts I, II, III, & IV of ZMM. You may click to enter these in any order. (Since ZMM has 373 pages, my photos average to well over two pictures per page of the book!)
Special note: The reader of ZMM quickly finds that 1) The center portions of every chapter, the Chautauqua, is the focus of the book. And 2) The beginning and end of every chapter are the easier reading travel narrative. This is to provide refreshment & help lighten up the Chautauqua reading. My main ZMM Research Findings are in the captions of the photos in these four albums herein. My research shows that even the "light reading" parts of ZMM (in the travel narrative) are fantastically factually accurate! I have verified what author Pirsig says on first pages of ZMM "What follows is based on actual occurrences. Although much has been changed for rhetorical purposes, it must be regarded in its essence as fact. "You will come to appreciate this as you study these photos.

My MOQ Conference "Factual Accuracy of ZMM Narrative".
Slide Show Instructions for Photo gallery.
Contact Me to Contribute Information, Ideas, Stories, Photos, etc or Ask Questions.

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Highlight for Album: Summer 2004: Mark Richardson's ZMM Route Journal and Photos.
Summer 2004: Mark Richardson's ZMM Route Journal and Photos.
Mr. Mark Richardson .is a writer and the Automobile -Motorcycle Editor for the Toronto Star Newspaper, one of Canada's foremost newspapers. Starting Monday 19 July 2004. Mr. Richardson also followed the ZMM Route. This Album Shows Mr. Richardson's Photos of his trip, as he toured on his trusty Jakie Blue motorcycle. His photos and interesting commentary started in Toronto and ended at the Zen Center in San Francisco, two weeks later. Mr. Richardson has written up his experiences into his forth-coming book. It is fascinating to read and I am sure you will not want to miss it! He is currently seeking a publisher. Ask me for more information.

Email 7 Nov 07, From Mark Richardson: His New Book Concerning His ZMM Route Experiences Has A Publisher!
Hi Henry and Ian:
I want you both to be first to know that my book Zen and Now was sold this week to Knopf, which will publish it simultaneously in the United States and Canada next September. This very fast turnaround is so that it will be published on the 40th anniversary of the original 1968 ride.
Knopf is one of Random House's most prestigious divisions. It will be published in paperback by Vintage.
*** Snip *** As before, I'll keep you in the loop about its progress and I hope to be able to send you a final version before publication. That's no longer my decision, of course, but I expect your feedback and comments on the manuscript will be welcomed. Your assistance and web sites will be properly acknowledged in the published book, of course. And if you want to go ahead now and mention on your sites that the book will be published next September by Knopf, that's fine.
All the best, and many, many thanks,
Mark R.

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Highlight for Album: Science Building U South Carolina Aiken: Energy Saving, Solar Energy & Greenhouse.
Science Building U South Carolina Aiken: Energy Saving, Solar Energy & Greenhouse.
As These Photographs show, our New Science Building was designed to be pleasant, functional AND energy efficient. The architects were instructed to be sensitive to cost effective opportunities for natural lighting, natural ventilation, solar heat (and cooling) so as to reduce long-term operating costs and consumption of energy. Such a design could thus be a constant, living educational experience for our students as to how best to design functional/economical buildings that have low operating costs.

The architects also were instructed to be sensitive to cost effective opportunities for learning and display devices during the building design process. The Sci Building Committee stated: "esthetics monies" should be used to create a building that is attention getting as well as an "active learning device. The grounds, entrance way, halls, even the building, pipes, beams, machinery and construction materials should be educational experiences that invite involvement in science and stimulate more and higher quality science learning for students and the public. The USC Aiken new science building was completed 5 September 1989.

Included in This Album is a photographic tour of the Biology Department Solar Heated Green House. Don't miss this fantastic collection of exotic and colorful plants!!

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Highlight for Album: Photos of “The California Trail”, “The Oregon Trail”, & “The South” Possibly Robert Pirsig's Way Back Home To Minneapolis.
Photos of “The California Trail”, “The Oregon Trail”, & “The South” Possibly Robert Pirsig's Way Back Home To Minneapolis.
Following the Route of the California Gold Rush ‘49s (In Reverse Direction). This album shows photos of my return trip back to my home in Aiken, South Carolina.

Introduction: My ZMM Research involved following the "ZMM Route, and of course, ended in San Francisco. On my way home from "The Bay Area", I first traveled to Stutters Fort, now a Historical Monument. This very large fort and terminus of the California Trail is now a wonderful well preserved museum. AND it is a very good way to learn about the lives of the "Emigrants" on the California Trail. For me this was the start point for following the California Trail (backwards) into Nevada & Idaho. In Idaho, the California Trail joined with the Oregon Trail, I followed the combined trails (backwards) through Southern Idaho to St. Louis, MO. Along the route were fantastic wide open natural landscapes, many Informative Local History Signs, Interpretive Centers, Museums, Commemorative Monuments (re California/Oregon Trails), and a wonderful Fossil Museum at the Fossil Butte National Monument.

Details: Starting from my home in Aiken SC, my Research lead me, of course, to Minneapolis, and then along the ZMM Route to San Francisco, and close to my son’s, David Gurr’s, home then in Palo Alto, CA. I arranged to stay with him for about two months. There I rested, visited, and toured around with my son: We toured, mountain drives, beach vistas, Frank Lloyd Wrights buildings, nature museums, etc). I also made computer back-ups of all my ZMM Route photos, re-read and edited all my ZMM Route research notes, and visited friends in Irvine, California. On my drive to (and from) Irvine I studied & photographed the St Andreas Fault and visited the J. Paul Getty Museum near Santa Monica, CA. While in Palo Alto, David and I also traveled to see my Nephew, Edward Gurr, and family in Mariposa CA. He treated us to a trip up to the Sweetwater Gold Mine. This was quite exciting.
After I left Palo Alto, I traveled East on I-580 and crossed Altamont Pass, by Livermore and thru Stockton. In Sacramento, I was quite excited to visit the old Stutters Fort (mentioned above). After an overnight visit with friends, in Chico, CA, I "angled SouthEast to I-80 at Auburn CA. Going now N. East, I soon switched into the old paved road, parallel and just South of I-80. This is the old route of the California Trail over Donner Pass. As I followed the Historic California Trail (backwards) into Nevada, I was in fact, following the entire Historic Trail of California Gold Rush ‘49ers! This was a very rewarding experience for me! Very thrilling both for the history experienced (first hand) and the incredible natural beauty and open spaces. Altogether, my trip back was just as thrilling as the ZMM route itself, which is saying something!!
Moreover, as mentioned elsewhere in this Photo Gallery, I have one of Robert Pirsig’s old National Geographic Full Size Wall Maps on which a pre-1968 versions of the ZMM Route had been "inked-in". Significant to this discussion, the “Route of the ‘49ers’ is likewise marked on this map!
Thus, for Pirsig Pilgrims, there are multiple reasons why I highly recommend ‘49ers route. Here now is a selection from my photographs taken on my return trip. Henry Gurr, Dec 04. Rev Oct 07.

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