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Please note the most recent questions and answers at the end of the document!
Q: Does a site survey exist for the Children’s Museum Site? Since, per the competition brief, all
four lot dimensions are unique, I can't make any assumptions about the angles of the site itself.
Thanks for the clarification.
A: The site survey is now on page 13 of the Competition Brief. The site is level, and there need
be no considerations for topographical variations within the site. The other parcels are
approximate, and any variation, which may exist, will not count against the submission.
Q: I recently graduated in May and received my degree from an accredited architecture program.
Can I still register as a student?
A: You now must register as a professional architect.
Q: Is there any possibility to take a part in the competition as a single student and in a
professional team simultaneously?
A: student can be part of a professional team, but must register separately if submitting another
entry as a student (at the student rate).
Q: Am I eligible as a student, if I finish my studies by the end of January 2014, but have this
theme for my diploma project?
A: Yes.
Q Are we supposed to prepare detailed plans and sections for the parking garage and hi-tech
incubator, as well for the museum, so the project will be for 3 different buildings?
A: The only detailed plans are for the Children's Museum. This should be clear from the brief.
Q: Where will the winners and honorable mentions be published?
A: The winners will be published online (www.competitions.org) and in print (COMPETITIONS
Q: Are there any plans about the implementation of the winner's idea?
A: Although Louisville lacks a dedicated Children's Museum for this age group, there is no
financing available at the moment.
Q: Is a Children’s Museum program statement (listing space requirements and areas)
A: Under recent circumstances, whereby space programming in Children's museums has
become more flexible, and exhibits have been changing more than once a year, we are leaving
the spatial programming needs of the museum up to participants. We assume that the future
museum curators will leave themselves open to new, inventive ways of attracting young visitors to
the museum. So it will be up to you to determine how a spatial scheme can best accommodate a
state-of-the-art facility.
Q: Are we to develop a complete program on our own (including square feet) for the CM
(Children's Museum) and the galleries, restrooms, auditorium, etc.?
A: Yes. As a guideline, the auditorium can seat approximately 200. The rest is left up to you.
Q: How many parking spaces are we to allow for the CM patrons?
A: The parking level under the museum can correspond to the entire site, and can (but must not)
extend under the stand off to the Heyburn Building to the west. It is up to you to design it to
accommodate the maximum number of vehicles.
Q: How many parking spaces to be allowed for the four-story Parking lot building?
A: The interior parking area for this structure is not an issue here. It is only there to accommodate
parking lost in the existing lots. We are more interested in how it responds to the site, the
adjoining building, and the museum. No floor plans are required for either the parking garage on
Second Street or it's neighbor, the Hi-Tech Incubator building.
Q: What is the total occupancy for the CM?
A: The four floors of the museum are approximately 50,000 sf for each floor, or 200,000sf for the
entire building without the parking structure. This accounts for an approximately 20-foot stand off
to the Heyburn Building to the west.
Q: Is access to the CM loading dock and underground parking only from Third Street, to the south
side of the building?
A: Access to underground parking is off the alley between the Library and Children’s Museum site
from Third Street only. The alley is one-way, and egress is available to Fourth Street.
Q: There are no specific dimensions for the site of neither the high-tech building nor the parking
garage. The total height of the whole site is 246' but I need the height of each site.
A: Measurements for the parking garage, as well as the Hi-Tech Incubator can be approximate.
The parking garage will have to occupy 65% of the site at the southern end to accommodate
enough parking spaces. No detailed interior measurements are required for either of those
buildings, just exterior expression, and how the buildings relate to the environs and, more
specifically, the Museum.
Q: The Brief explains in chapter on "Site and museum details": The CM is to consist on five levels
totaling approximately 300.000 sf with one level below grade for parking, but in the answers to the
questions, about the total occupancy for the CM: The 4 floors of the museum above grade are
approximately 50.00 sf each floor. What is the right number of floors, 4 or 5 above the parking in
basement structure, and finally, what is the right total surface (without parking) 200.000 sf or
300.000 sf?
A: The information in the Q & A is correct: 200,000 sf (50,000 X 4) for the four levels above
grade, and a minimum of 50,000 sf for parking below grade. The slight reduction in sf takes into
account a possible standoff to the west from the Heyburn building. If this “stand-off” were taken
into consideration, it would be advisable to include that space in the design program.
Q: Can we use any portion of the Heyburn Building site?
A: No. That site is off limits.
Q: The sidewalk on the 3rd street side should be enlarged to accommodate pedestrians and is
too small to accommodate potential crowds and spill over from the new Park. I don't see how this
is possible.
A: If you wish to include a setback on the Third Street side, that will be up to you. If you feel some
sort of setback is necessary, it can occur at grade level. There should not be a problem with
crowds. Some visitors will enter via the underground parking garage, others will park on the
street, in the parking garage on 2nd Street, or arrive by public transportation. We have indicated
that the most logical entry would be, either from Third Street, or from the alley. For security
purposes, there should not be multiple public entrances.
Q: Will we get a .dwg of the area close by the site?
A: To see exact measurements of the site, go to the Louisville City “Lojic” site,
http://ags2.lojic.org/lojiconline/, then go to “labels,” and click on “property texts.” By tracing this on
Google Earth, it should give you an exact impression of the site within inches.
Q: Setbacks: Please send us more details on setback requirements for this parcel. The only
information we have is the approximate 20 ft standoff to the Heyburn Building to the west.
However, it is not clear if it is the setback or just a way of reaching the square footage of the
A: The setback/stand-off to the Heyburn Building to the west is to accommodate the usual
code/overlay requirements of the city’s planners. Although this is an ideas competition, we
thought it best to establish this requirement, just in case this might be regarded as a real solution
for the site at a later date. As for any other setbacks, we leave that up to the competitors, with the
knowledge that the total square footage should be approximately 200,000 sf. Nobody will be
penalized for minimal differences in square footage.
Q: Codes: In relation to the Building Codes, since this is more of an IDEAS competition, Is there
any local code that has to be followed or should we meet the international building code, which
we normally do for such competitions at this initial phase.
A: International building codes would apply; although in Kentucky, the authorities are very
sensitive about fire exit solutions. Here, we would only ask that an adequate egress program be
in place.
Q: I just wanted to know the address of the Children's Museum site, so I could trace it from Lojic
Online Map.
A: 300 West Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky
Q: I want to ask about USA building codes. Since I cannot find it on the internet, would it be
possible to send it to me?
A: You can use international building codes. The fire codes in Kentucky are probably more
stringent than in many other states. But, since this is only an ideas competition, just be sure that
the exits can accommodate what one would normally, and logically, assume to be adequate. You
might only be penalized if you ignore this issue altogether.
New Q & A 10/30/13
Q: Total Area and number of floors: Based on the feedback provided in the earlier document, the
max area to be designed for was 200,000 SF and up to 4 floors. However, if one adds an Atrium
or a void in floor plates in their design, there will be considerable area reduced per floor plan (that
would be based on individual layouts). Thus, if one ends up with 50,000 SF or less than the
200,000 SF as required, will they be disqualified?
A: The total square footage of entries with light wells or an atrium would most probably not add up
to 200,000 sf. and would not be penalized. The 200,000 sf number is simply a guideline, whereby
the floorplate is approximately 50,000 sf.
Q: If one adds a floor (5th floor or penthouse) to make up this 50,000 SF in order to get close to
200,000 SF, will they be disqualified?
A: An additional floor may not be added to the museum, but a roof garden is optional.
Q: If one designs the first floor of a double height and carves out a mezzanine level for some
programs, will that Mezzanine level be considered a 2nd floor?
A: As in most museums, all ceiling heights should be generous, but not high enough to
accommodate a mezzanine level.
Q: Is there a height restriction in general for this IDEAS competition apart from the 4-story limit?
A: No.
Q: Should we consider any setbacks for the Parking Garage and the Hi-Tech Incubator building?
A: This is left up to your discretion.
Q: The ideal entry is expected to be on the east and south sides of the new LCM. Parking garage
entry and exits will perhaps be on these same sides except for the south side alley. This is too
small to accommodate heavy traffic and aesthetically the parking entry on the third street side will
have a cut out on the elevation in order to descend below. Are we to have the pedestrian entry
and the parking entry
on the same East side? The south side is flat and uninteresting and will not provide a visible
"face" for the Museum.
A: The logical entry for traffic to the underground parking garage would be either directly on Third
Street, or from the alley on the south side of the LCM. Since the alley is one-way going west, the
logical exit to use would be to the stand-off area leading to Broadwayalso one-way.
The south side of the building should not be uninteresting, as it faces the Louisville Public Library!
Q: Do we have to maintain a 20 ft. setback from the Heyburn Building or can we build
directly to its property line?
A: As stated earlier, the setback must remain, as it can be used for vehicular egress from
the parking garageor for other purposes (café, etc.) as desired.