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Welcome to

Aiken South Carolina, USA, May 20 2013. Rev 29 July 2016

Dear Literate Aware, ZMM Quality Enthusiasts, & Persons Who May Be Interested In Our WebPage Hosting At Professors Cooperative Permanente.

It had come to pass, as of 16 May 2013, that we were required to moved our ZMMQ WebSite to a New Internet Server: As described (see links below), we decided to sit up our own Internet Server, with a new Internet Domain Name, which is

Below you will see a brief description of the Several WebSites that, as of this writing 29 July 2016, happen to find a home on

Please explore these sites, and see what the efforts of so many Quality-minded people have accomplished!


Henry S Gurr Site Master for (WebSites) and …/ProfessorGurr/ ZMMQ (WebPages)

For more information about Professor Henry Gurr, click here.

Among The Family of WebSites, you will find the following Topic Specific WebSites:

A) Teaching, Learning, and Exploring the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. ZMM Quality & Gallery Resources, by Henry Gurr: Here you will find photos, travel information, essays, and links a great many resources concerning the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZMM) by Robert Pirsig.

The University of South Carolina Aiken computers were Site Host, from 2002 to 2013.

B) A Proposed New Organization => “Professors Cooperative Permanente” (PCP),

This new organization, is herein proposed, and will be a professor’s volunteer cooperative, which will “Preserve and Distribute Professors Authored Intellectual Materials, such as Documents, Photographs, Drawings, Diagrams, Designs, etc, and most especially their own WebSites. This new cooperative will actively promote the public dissemination of these materials, mostly thru an Internet WebServer. This server, at least temporarily, will be the current server for WebSites

“Professors Cooperative Permanente” (PCP), will be open to all person who share our mission, even though they don’t happen to be a Professors.

C) Internet Server & Hosting: Set-Up, Operation, Hardware & Software, and Explanation of Where The Name “VentureArete” Came From.

History & Development of Henry Gurr’s ZMMQ Website, and The Forced Circumstances That Channeled Us Into => Setting Up Our Own Internet Server, and Why We chose Acer Chromebook, and Why We Chose Specific Software(s), To Compliment That of Chromebook’s Native ChromeOS.

Seventeen Different Emerging Hardware “Answers” => Gather, Then Coalescence, & Then Fuse Into One **AHA** : A Totally Unexpected & Brand New Problem Solution Arrives!!

If you are interested in joining us, especially for “Professors Cooperative Permanente” (PCP), or want more information, please send an email to

Contact Us, If You See Errors, Encounter Problems, Need Information or Have Questions.

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